Names of my clutches of chicks.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by bakerjw, Apr 6, 2011.

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    Is a group of chicks a clutch or flock? It doesn't matter. Ever since we started with chickens we've given distinct sets of them names. First there were "the girls" (8 TSC sex link pullets). Then came "the Chicklets" (5 WRs and 5 Silver Sebrights). A pair of broodys then bestowed upon us "the messy munchkins" (Those 11 chicks made more of a mess than I could have ever imagined).

    Now I have started incubating which only adds to the confusion.
    My first incubation netted me 1 chick out of 43 eggs. Bob was a bit weak with slight spraddle leg but he appeared to be pulling through and would make it. Bob was also very lonely so I went to TSC and picked up the 8 smallest pullets that I could find to keep him company. Poor Bob ended up not making it so I have 8 chicks rapidly growing and eventually they'll make their way into the big run with the girls and be layers. I had bounced around some ideas for names but nothing seemed to click until a coworker gave me the perfect name for them. They are now known as "The Bob squad".

    The second incubation attempt went much much better. I hatched 14 of 20 eggs and they are now just a hair over a week old. They are still in the upstairs loft of our house where they do typical chick things such as peep, poop, and throw wood shavings into their water. These have been designated "the pipsqueaks".

    Eventually they all get mixed together in the runs with other birds but I really needed a way to ensure that my wife and son knew who I was referring to when it came to getting chores done.
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    This is a good idea. I just call my chicks "the babies." Everyone knows what I mean when I'm talking about my babies. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Me, too!!!


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