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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Acre4Me, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Acre4Me

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    Nov 12, 2017
    Western Ohio
    17 chicks and 6 breeds. 3 weeks old. Personalities are beginning to show up - of course as they mature, this may change, but we are wanting to name the chicks and have come up with some ideas.

    1. Easter Eggers: They have muffs and look like they may get the "beards" so the 11yo wants to name them dwarf names from the Hobbit. Here are the choices right now (character images from Imgur) Yes, Galadriel is an elf, but the EE is staying quite light:
    Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 10.20.52 AM.png Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 10.21.38 AM.png

    OK, which one? I vote for Bombur, but child seems to like the "Fili and Kili" names for the 2 birds - I'll never keep them straight.
    Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 10.23.29 AM.png

    The Dark Brown Leghorns (Straight run) are very fast and really hard to catch, so here are the possibilities:
    Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 10.56.32 AM.png

    The Black Jersey Giants (Straight run) definitely have a larger frame already, and those legs are larger than all the rest! They are pretty calm birds. Here are the possibilities:
    Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 11.09.16 AM.png

    The other 3 breeds haven't really shown particular personality traits nor have we been struck by any names that would fit, so we are waiting to name those other 7 chicks.
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  2. Acre4Me

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    Nov 12, 2017
    Western Ohio
    So we've been polling here (locally) too.

    Kids here are loving the Dark Brown leghorn names of: Flash, Dash, Wildfire, Pronto, Razzle, (with Rocket a close additional choice).

    Black Jersey Giant names: Jupiter is the absolute fav for a girl. Split votes between Hercules and Zeus for a boy.

    Easter Egger: Vote between Kili and Bombur is still equal - no clear winner.

    The other 3 breeds still have random ideas thrown around. I think they might take a little longer.
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  3. Nardo

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    Sep 26, 2014
    North Texas
    My Coop
    We like: BJG Jupiter and Mars (or Xena and Hercules)
    Brown leghorns we like all the names you have plus Buzz and Mario
    No vote on the elves (dwarfs)
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  4. Wolfefarmyard

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    Aug 18, 2017
    Gansevoort, NY
    I like Zeus and Kili
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  5. ByrdFeathers

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    Jan 8, 2018
    Bruce, FL
    Love your theme! I think I am going with a chicken menu theme. I have one named nugget, another drumstick, then I am going to use

    General Tso (a Roo)
    You get the idea lol
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  6. Acre4Me

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    Nov 12, 2017
    Western Ohio

    Mars is a good option..... will have to float that idea around.

    Buzz and Mario are also good "fast" type names, so will have to offer those up as well.
  7. Acre4Me

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    Nov 12, 2017
    Western Ohio

    I like food names too! Some of the other ones may get food names - their personalities are a little less distinct at this point. The BJG should be the largest birds (and their bony frames are larger than the rest) so that is why must have "BIG" names! Spouse keeps suggesting food names like "Soup", "Stew", "Dumpling" get the idea. Of course spouse is suggesting these names to poke a little fun at the kids, who do not like giving the chickens food names....
  8. Acre4Me

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    Nov 12, 2017
    Western Ohio

    I saw this recently - thought you'd get a laugh! It is a metal sign.

    Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 12.24.19 PM.png
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  9. kumquat

    kumquat Songster

    Dec 13, 2017
    What fun name options!

    I like:
    • Galandriel, Fili and Bombur (The chick in question looks like a Bombur to me. And with the characters prodigious set of whiskers and muffed and bearded bird seems like a perfect fit!)
    • Sonic, Dash, Rocket, Pronto, Razzle (Runner up: Speedy). If Fili and Kili will be a pain to keep straight, than I imagine Dash and Flash will be tricky too.
    • If you are leaning toward Juniper from your original choices I would use Hercules (feels like a more benevolent protector for the flock than Zeus). I am really digging @Nardo 's suggestion of Xena & Hercules!
    Hope you'll post your other chicks and name themes/possibilities. Mulling over naming is fun! :D
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  10. Margaretlumley01

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    Mar 16, 2018
    Totally fili and kili!! Are you going to have a gandalf? Don't do frodo unless the chick is really wimpy:lau
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