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  1. Well, my original plan was to get three chickens and name them Henny Penny, Jenny Penny and Moneypenny (Hubby is a HUGE Bond fan). But now that I'm getting 6, and plotting a remodel of the shed so I can get even more [​IMG], I need three more names.

    I was thinking Vesper, because it links to the Bond name, which links to the "Penny" names. So I need 2 more names, and I'd like to continue the links but I've run out of gas on the idea. I don't like too many of the Bond Girl names. Maybe Charlotte and Emily Bronte -- a literary link?

    Can you help me?

    If any of my girls turn out to be roosters, I can have Kenny Penny, Lenny Penny, Benny Penny, names for days for the boys!
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    Oct 13, 2007
    [​IMG] I think you need to go rent some old bond movies......

    GoldFinger = gold penny ? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Apr 13, 2008
    Honey is a cute name and a bond girl.
  4. Oh, lord, we don't need to rent Bond movies...hubby has them all along with several editions of the books!

    But listen! My girls all have names:

    Henny, Jenny and Moneypenny and then

    Vesper, 99 and Emma.

    Vesper is Vesper Lynd from Casino Royale. 99 is Agent 99 from Get Smart (I thought Barbara Feldon was SO beautiful when I was a little girl...I wanted clothes like her, a haircut like her...thank goodness I didn't grow up during the Britney era!), and Emma is after none other than Emma Peel.

    These names even have my daughter's approval! Now if June 21 would just get here...

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