Nancy Garry-Here is the G.Q.F. Brooders, You had a wanted adv. for

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    Here is the G.Q.F brooders I want to sell, you can see in the pic's we haven't even pulled the film lettering sheath skin off the plexi type sides, Roy took these Pictures, lord look over my yards this moving has got junk scattered every where, hope we are done by Jan.1st., but let me know if interested in them, they have the feeder and waters also that hang on the sides to them, they are wafer controlled temps settings, they have the metal slide out pans to dump the poop and feed dropings out with, they are the total units, new they are around $240 each and shipping is about $140 for both from Savannah to here, in one pic. you can see the bottom one with wheels, the other one stacks, I have not used but one of them to put some quail in, .



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