nankin bantams?

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    Does any one know where to get them? I have looked and looooked and can't really find them [​IMG] I'm positive Ideal Poultry had them 3 mos ago but now there gone [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] the links on feathersite weren't very helpful. Any help would be great [​IMG]
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    Feb 21, 2009
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    I have a buddy that has them. They are hatchery stock and I think they came from Cackle or Welp hatchery so you may want to check with them. I can ask him to sell you a dozen eggs. His are mixed colors. Pm me if you are interested.
  3. The Poultry Peanut

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    Thanks! I can't do eggs b/c I don't have an incubator but thanks for the offer!
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    Jul 4, 2012
    Same as here, I'm looking for the Nankin Bantam hens, because i already have 2 nankins. 1 Rooster and one hen.
    So, I wanted to breeding more nankins. i dont sure if my hen would lay more eggs while rooster breeding her. and i dont want her get too stress from the rooster.
    I also have 3 silkies bantam, 1 leghorn, 2 Light Brahma, and 2 Amercanas in there with them right now.
    So.. i might cross silkies and nankin. im going to keep the chicks not sell them.
    because its crossbreed, if i get pure nankins chicks, i will sells some and keep some too.
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    Looking for the perfect pet chicken here they are, they will follow you arould the yard, and eat from your hand, jump on to your lap. Great for FFA, 4H and very flashy show birds. Fertile eggs $18.00 dozen, plus shipping, we hatch your dozen eggs and ship live hatch from your eggs $25.00 plus shipping. Nankin Facts: Size: Male: 24 oz. Female: 22 oz.
    Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: There are two varieties based on comb.
    Single Comb: The comb is bright red and medium to moderately large. It has five distinct points that all stand upright.
    Rose Comb: The rose comb is bright red and medium size in males and small in females. It sits square in the front of the head and ends in a well developed spike.
    Color: The beak is horn with a dark shading on the upper mandible. The eyes are reddish bay and the shanks and toes are bluish slate, possibly with a pink stripe on the outside of the shank. The plumage is primarily shades of orangey redto chestnut to golden buff and is darker, deeper, and more lustrous in males than females. The tail is black.
    Place of Origin: Southeast Asia Conservation Status: Critical
    Special Qualities: The bird is extremely rare, pretty, and very personable. It is a true bantam breed with no standard.
    The Nankin is a true bantam and is considered to be one of the most ancient of all bantam breeds. They were first imported to the United States and Britain in the 1700's.
    During this time in Britain they were extremely popular and wereused in the development of the Sebright breed. They are now very rare in both the U.S. and Britain.
    These birds are very active and talkative. They are friendly and usually pretty slow to mature. They are fliers, but can tolerate confinement.
    When given access to free range they normally stay close to the coop and do not tend to wander. They do not do well in cold and if kept in areas that have cold winters will require a tightly built and insulated coop.
    The hens lay small white eggs, go broody, and are excellent protective mothers.
    They are such broody birds that they historically have been used to set for game birds such as partridges, quail, and pheasant. This trait is probably one of the things that have kept the breed from going extinct over the years.

    Rodney & Carol
    Carol's Cell 541 514-7693
    Conservators' Nankin Bantam Fowl
    Hobby Farm: Chicks in Roseburg, Oregon
    Ancient breed of Oldest known Bantams


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