Nankin Experts, which roo is better?


10 Years
Mar 28, 2009
fredonia, wi
My 9 year old daughter has 3 Nankins, 1 hen and 2 cockerals. She would like to enter the county fair and do a few poultry shows. She wanted to find rosecomb nankins but was only able to find single comb. She thinks her little hen is pretty good from looking at the standard but her 2 roos both seem to have several faults.
We are all new to showing poultry but have raised Morgan horses for years so we know we have lots to learn about chicken conformation!
Both boys are just over 5 months old.

Any input as to which boy has less faults and would be a better canidate for a junior to show? She knows that neither is close to perfect but she would at least like to know what areas they could be improved on in case a judge asks. She loves her birds and wants to keep trying to get better stock for fun and showing. Both the boys have nice temperments, so far anyway. Thanks

Reggie is a bigger, more reddish coloring and has longer hackles and tail. His comb flops more than the other boy.


Henry is smaller, not as red in color, his comb has a slight tilt



12 Years
Jan 14, 2008
It's very hard to evaluate chickens from pictures But I prefer the second bird.

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