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    Mar 8, 2017
    Hi, I am new to backyard chickens and wanted to share some information. Processing our meat birds whole or cut up always seemed to be a chore when trying to find the right size bag whether is was a vacuum sealed or freezer type bags. We found Poultry shrink bags that you use with a water bath method. We purchased them from Top of the Mountain Veg Farm. These folks are the best to deal with, great customer service, order shipped the very same day. They offer various sizes to choose from. I placed my order over the phone, but can order online. Check out their website
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    Hey welcome to BYC! Thanks for the tip, we've had someone do our processing but when we graduate to doing our own, I will definitely be into the heat shrink bags. They look so much easier and quicker than the vacuum bags. We got our bird back from the processor and since I have them all out I decided to part out about 1/3 of them and then vacuum pack em. So tedious, but still well worth the effort.

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