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Jul 18, 2008
Rockwell, NC
OK, I've asked about this guy before, and I'm asking again. When Gobbles first wandered up to my house, I posted a few pics of him on here and the guru's said he looked like a Naragansett. I have some updated pics I want to post so you guys can confirm, and here's why...I'm about to try to find Gobbles a wife! If he is indeed a Naragansett, he needs a lady that is too. You guys warned me...turkey's are the bomb! I love this little guy.

For those of you that didn't see my earlier post about him, we came home one day and this guy was standing in the yard with the chickens. We never could figure out where he came from, so we kept him, and I'm so glad we did, he's SO entertaining! And sweet, he loves being cuddled, which I understand is weird for a tom.

So, anyone in NC have a Naragansett hen for sale???




Edited to say: Please excuse the mess in the coop, this winter has been a muddy mess in NC!
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This is just my opinion
Looks to me like your turkey might be a gray phase wild turkey. The barring in the primary wing feathers is not correct and coloring in your bird is smokey looking.
He's a Nar. Maybe not pure or to standards, but with a Nar. hen they will produce Nar. poults. The Nar. gene is sex linked, so if you mate him to a normal bronze hen you will get bronze males and Nar. hens. The bronze males will carry the Nar. gene. Further mating of these males to bronze hens will result in all bronze males and 1/2 of the resulting hens Nar.

With a little searching, I bet you'll find a Nar. hen in your area. I'm surprized that SandS Poultry doesn't raise them.
Horseshoe, I thought the same thing, but being so tame leads me to believe it has some domestic lineage. I does look like it has wild blood, especially evident in the head and in overall size. Either way, the smokey grey phase wilds are actually Nar's. in wild form. A turkey biologist I spoke to about color phase wild birds told me that most domestic colors show up in wild populations with the Nar. the most common.
Thanks guys!! If he does have wild turkey in him, I wouldn't be too suprised...we live out in the boonies and he was just wandering around, so his mom or dad could have been free ranged somewhere. There are wild turkeys everywhere around here, in fact there's a flock that lives in the cow pasture up the road. Who knows? I just know he's cool and handsome and we love him!

Turkaholic...great info that I'm sure my hubby will enjoy! I have put a WTB ad on Craigslist...only spam so far, and one guy that has poults. We'll see! I'm sure I'll be posting his lady friend when we get one!!
I like turkeys in general. The only reason I said might be wild, is because I hatched some wild eggs and some came out grey phase and they looked just like your turk. He is great looking either way
I also raise Narragansetts. I hope you find some hens for your Tom soon!!!
no wild at all in him, he is 100% Narragansett, 100% positive!
I raise 3 of the strains of wild turkeys myself, the hens can be a pale grey ish color, but toms are always iridescent black

Yep they are terribly addictive arent they, good luck on finding a hen for him!
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