Narcoleptic Pullet??- Excitement = Fainting in 4moCrevecouer? Anyone?

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  1. JP101010

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    Our 4 month old crevecouer Pullet is healthy (eating,drinking ,normal b/ms etc) . She had an episode a week or so ago where i watched her jump up and lay on her back flapping and open beak breathing for just a few seconds then i grabbed her up , limp , and all was back to normal in about 20 seconds to 1minute. after the disorientation she began carrying on and eating as normal. I thought this may be a seizure or fright shock , but now after the 2nd episode im convinced its more like... chicken narcolepsy !?
    Any excitement and she goes limp , this episode today was much quicker than the first. our chinese crested pup ran up to the pen all enthusiastically and the pullet jumped up and went limp (wings out , very disorientated) and in a moment she was walking away.
    Anyone else ever had this experience or something similar?
    Im really hoping for some feedback this time as my original post didnt receive any?
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    sounds like you have a 'fainting' chicken. [​IMG] similar to a fainting goat if you have ever seen those before!
  3. JP101010

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    after some research im thinking i have a pullet with myotonia congenita - the same hereditary muscle disease that "Fainting Goats" have. I wonder how common this is in poultry.. back to google
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    Could you post a video? I'd like to see a narcoleptic chicken! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Sounds like some kind of cardiac problem,blood pressure problem, or nerves.. One of my pullets during the summer passed out when I accidentally scared her. I picked her up, she woke up and went back to her business.

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