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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by heidim, Apr 20, 2009.

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    Apr 20, 2009
    I have a male and female turkey that are trying to mate, does anyone know if it's possible for them to sucessfully mate?

    The female takes off each day (they are not penned up yet) and lays an egg in a secret nest on the neighbors property. We just found it today and want some advice on moving it. We would like to move it to a small cage/pen for her to set on them but should we and when? What makes a sucessful move? She is still coming home every night so she is not setting yet. I don't want to turn her off from setting, we'd like to see if they hatch.

    I don't know much about turkeys yet. How many eggs do they usually lay in a clutch and how long do they set?

    Please please some advice on this soon! [​IMG]

    Thank you!
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    Quote:They shouldn't have any problems with mating. They usually lay about 12 - 17 eggs before they get broody. It take 28 days for turkey eggs to hatch. You might be better off collecting the eggs and incubating. If you are wanting her to sit in a particular place, then you want to keep her penned up all the time. Mine free range and occasionally move their nests, so we are always looking for them here and there.
    Good Luck [​IMG]
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    She will keep going back to the nest unless you pen her up, you can collect the eggs and make her a new nest in a penned area. She should see the eggs and then start laying there. They do like a secluded place to lay in, something to think about if you do pen her up.

    Steve in NC

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