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  1. Hey all!

    New to BYC..

    I will be hatching Narragansett Turkeys soon and am looking for any opinions on this breed.

    Anyone with any experience with these guys?

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    Jan 27, 2007

    No Narri's (just Royals, Slates and Mutts), here. The "patterning" on the Narri's seems to suggest one of those hypnotic optical illusions, I'm sure you'll enjoy them. There is more variation in the behavior of individuals, than there is between varieties.

    Check out the information in the "stickies" at the top of this subforum page. Also, Advanced Search is very good (lots of info/opinions from many members, over the years), just remember, after entering your query, to use the SEARCH button at the bottom of the page (not the one at the top).

    Here's to a successful hatch!
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    This is our first year with Narri. So far, we have totally enjoyed them. The girls are reserved and fairly quiet and the boys are like inquisitive toddlers..follow us everywhere when we let them out for some yard time. We have 3 turkey pens..Narri, Heritage Bronze and Narri girl has been laying for 2 weeks now...the Bronze and Rio have not started, but it was March 6th last year for them and I expect around the same time this year or a little later as we've had cooler weather lately.

    Incubated the very first 5 eggs laid and two are developing, so I assume the rest will be good. Have another batch to put in the bater in a couple of days.

    Most of ours are from Oklahoma Heritage and are from a show quality line. To keep the bloodline varied, we obtained one hen at the 2014 Nationals in Ohio, whose father won 1st place in the turkey competition and another hen from a fellow Chickenista. These birds are HUGE. They are less than a year old and are taller than our Heritage Bronze boy, but right now, lighter in weight as the bronze is nearing his 2 year mark and somewhere in the 30 lbs range. If these boys fill in their larger frame properly, then they will probably weigh a bit more than the SOP states as the standard weight.

  4. Awsome! thanks for sharing your experience with Narri's and turkeys in general. Sounds like you really care for your birds.

    GL with your hatching! would love to hear how it goes with your eggs and hatching rate.

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