Nasty butt and gross eye

Desiree Brown

8 Years
Mar 14, 2012
Schoharie NY
I have a hen that's freaking me out. Her poop has been so gross her whole but and feathers are wet and full of poop. And today her eye is swollen and kinda white. I'll try to get pics.


6 Years
Sep 30, 2013
White Swan, WA
Does she smell REALLY bad? To me that looks like a bad case of vent gleet. You will need to soak her and get her cleaned up to get a good look at her vent. May have to trim feathers to remove the really solid poo stuck in feathers. Some gunk may be stuck to the outside of vent that will need to be removed by soaking and applying vaseline to help remove it without tearing skin. After she is all cleaned up can use monistat, or other med for women's yeast infection on external and inside the vent. About size of a pea for in the vent. Can take 3-5 days of apply the med for it to clear up.

As for the eye can you get a closer picture of her bad eye, and one of the good side to compare?

It does not look the same as my hen that had vent gleet that also got it on her face. A pic of the face would help others that would be able to help with that.
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