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    Jul 23, 2010
    Being very new to chickens I am unsure what to expect as normal behavior. 2 weeks ago I lost our top rooster to illness. The next day he was replaced by an 8 month old silkie cross who never made a dominant move till Mr. Magoo passed. 1 and a half weeks later he is viciously attacking other birds ( we suspect are also male). I got most of these birds from an order through our local Agway, they were 'straight run'. Of the 9 chicks we got as dayolds, we think there is only 1 hen, perhaps 2. I've been waiting to see who if any lay to know what we have. The silkie cross was purchased at a chicken swap. As was our Original Rooster.
    I have seperated this cockerel from the rest of the birds. 2 times in the evening I tried to let him join the flock and he proved he was not capable, within 60 sec he was on the back of at least 1 chicken attacking it. I have determined I will have to cull this chicken and hope for better with whoever steps up as top Cockerel again.
    My biggest question is whether or not roosters coexist well. I have heard that some roosters will kill any other rooster. Is that most normal or is it likely where these birds all raised together will fare together and the silkie is a fluke?
    I purchased the chickens for eggs for eating. They have quite surprisingly become my very favorite pets. It is a joy for me to go out and fuss over them, find new treats for them to flip over, and generally, I am in love with these two leg-geds. I hope the truth wont hurt too much. Is it common for cockerels to become aggressive with all the other males once the hens are getting near laying age? Is it their nature? Thanks for any input
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    Mar 12, 2010
    Is it possible said silkie-cross is trying tpo breed
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    Mar 12, 2010
    Quote:oops, meant, Is this silkie possibly trying to breed your other chickens? Almost sounds like "teenage" cockerel behavior. Generally when our roosters are establishing or challenging boundaries they will face-off and the loser turns tail and runs. We've never had them be viscious, and would certainly cull any overly aggressive roosters.
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    yea, i agree, i let em go a few rounds, unless i see big obvious wounds right off the bat, i usually put my young cockrels in with a few of my big jersey giant hens, because they are pretty docile, but dont take any crap. alot of times, the teenage roos are a little overzealous. The only thing i dont allow to get a little rough with are my silkie and showgirl hens! I used to watch out for a lil bantam frizzle cochin hen, until i saw her sling a teenage roo twice her size around by the head!...... but, if a reasonable intro time goes by, and the roo is downright aggressive, or something is being picked out as a target, i cull..... ALSO, i put all my pot pie roos together that are the same size with no hens, when i have a few and they are big enough, i sent em to coneland, they usually get on fine.
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    [​IMG] Yes, it is common for cockerels to become more aggressive with one another as they mature. What you describe sounds more like juvenile mating behavior than fighting. If you have multiple cockerels, there will be fighting. As a rule of thumb, your cockerel to hen ratio should be around 1 to 10. More cockerels than can lead to excessive mating and physical damage to the hens.
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    Apr 7, 2010
    that sounds like some of my juvi cockerals.....they dont quite et know how to treat a lady so just 'go in for the kill' whether she agrees or ends up in lots of stumbling/rolling/sqwarking and feathers flying, and quite often the lady going for the cockeral (as if to say back off you aint the top dog yet!) and the wanna be leader getting nasty with the girls trying to show them he's tough enough to be boss!

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