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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by CluckyCharms, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Okay, so my mother told me about this cool whip commercial on TV that completely grossed her out, which made me "have to" (out of curiosity) watch tv for a while. My husband and I do not watch TV because of the garbage everywhere - so we mainly rent. In any case - she was right. YUCK.

    It is the one where a mother is cutting and serving strawberry pie and her child comes up with a nasty torn up stained raunchy looking dog toy and a dog and starts talking about this. The mother *grabs the yucky dog toy*, handles it, and throws it for the dog - and get this - goes right back to serving strawberry pie and cool whip....didn't even wash her hands. :hmm Then, the husband & boys come in the house looking a bit disheveled and sit down to eat this pie without washing up too!

    Maybe I'm old fashioned - but has anyone else seen this commercial and been ill because of it? A *food* commercial of all things - it should have been a commercial for hand sanitizer or something.

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    Wow! Grossed out by that? I'm all for food handling hygiene, and not sneezing or coughing in other people's spaces, but also believe that many people are more susceptible to colds and flus, because they were under exposed to germs when they were growing up. All these bacterial killing wipes, sterilizing floor cleaners and other anti-bacterial cleaners have only limited exposure to germs that are everywhere in our world.

    Your computer keyboard, steering wheel, and cellphone have more germs than that dog toy did.... and we all know how many people pick up their cell phone while they're eating.

    I'm glad that I'm old enough that I got to crawl around on the floor as a baby, and not wash my hands every time I pet the dog or caught a fish or played baseball.

    Just sayin.

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    I'm not a youngun - and I was raised to wash my hands before meals. So yeh, it grossed me out that a dog toy with slobber, and whatever else the dog recently came in contact with, and the yard, etc - was handled and then food was handled within seconds after.

    "I'm glad that I'm old enough that I got to crawl around on the floor as a baby, and not wash my hands every time I pet the dog or caught a fish or played baseball. "

    I did all those things as well and to put it that way makes no sense. I'm talking about food here.

    Would you seriously rub your hands all over your dog, the inside of his mouth, the backyard, whatever he ate, and then pick up a piece of food and feed it to your family? Really?
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    All commercials disgust me. I'm pretty tired of being marketed to 24/7, and unfortunately, not having cable has only somewhat minimized this. I do think I will go insane and burn down every billboard I can find one day while shouting, "stay off my lawn!"

    As for the germs though, nations that severely limit germ exposure have much higher rates of autoimmune diseases. We are actually more bacteria than we are human cells, but western culture has been slow to explore what disrupting our natural flora means. My mind knows this, but my hands demand washing until 99% of germs are dead. ...We're working on it. Hands are slow learners.
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    I'm not okay with someone handling a dog toy that's been god knows where and then touching my food with their hands. If that means that some may think I'm a germaphobe - whatever.
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    Too many of us bring up our children in a world of disinfectant this and germicidal that. By doing so, the children don't have the opportunity to develop an effective immune system. If it were me in the commercial, I may or may not have washed my hands after handling the dog toy. Depending on how grungy it was and how preoccupied I was. I look at it this way. If you are so immune suppressed as to be affected by some doggy germs, the doggy germs are the least of your problems.

    In the first and last segment of The View I ever watched, two idiot women were going on and on about the horrors of a dog being in the kitchen while food was prepared. Now what illness they were sure they were going to contract because a dog was lying in the corner of the kitchen, they never said. I'm sure they didn't know. Personally I would be far more concerned about a runny nosed kid or a coughing Aunt Helga, but that's me. Anyway, I thought that if that was the best topic of discussion they could come up with, I wouldn't waste any more time watching.
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    I can honestly agree with you. I don't want someone to handle a dog toy that has seen many nasty things (especially if the dog has mouth problems [​IMG]) then handle food. I'm sure that people can come into contact with germs and bacteria some other way.
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    My grand daughter shares her ice cream with the dog. The dog takes a lick then the GD.

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