Nasty Pekin bantam?


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Apr 22, 2017
Wales, U.K.
Hi all,

My wife and I have just taken on 2 pekin bantams (Violet and Honey) that have just come up to laying age. They’re currently in their own pen as we’re slowly introducing them to our 3 free-range legbars. The two bantams are fine together throughout the day until laying-time comes around. They seem to be on the same laying schedule and want to lay at the same time and Violet is being really nasty to Honey- Pecking at her feathers and chasing her out of the box and then around the pen. It seems once she laid it’s all back to normal. Violet seems to be a bit of an alpha as she’s been squaring up to our boss-legbar through the bars of the pen.
It’s the first week, so is it just the pair settling in to new order? Or should I isolate Violet? Not sure if anyone else has had a similar problem.


Sep 25, 2015
No need to isolate but I would add an extra nest box if possible.Hens get very grumpy around nesting time.

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