nasty roo


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Jun 20, 2012
Apple Valley, CA
wondering what I can do with a nasty rooster. Heres the back story.....
had a flock couple years ago. all but one survived coyote and cocci attacks.
shes a leghorn, machine of a layer first year!
got new chicks last summer, came with 2 roos RIRs (or maybe New hampshires, cant recall at the moment) roasted one a few months ago.
So the leghorn went from top of pecking order, as the new chicks grew to the bottom. over the winter she got hammered bad by the rooster, mounting her and tearing feathers and skin off her neck. so I isolated her and she healed well.
subsequently we moved and I put the hens together again first, they all got along and the leghorn was again at the top. after a couple weeks I introduced the rooster. he quickly, within a day or two started attacking the leghorn and has rewounded her neck.

anyway to reconcile him so he doesn't pick on one particular hen?


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Jun 18, 2010
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A large pot of simmering water and lots of salt?

Sorry, I got nothing. I'd see no reason at all to keep the rooster.

My first rule for roosters is Thou Shalt be Nice. Nice to me, nice to the hens, nice to chicks, you just need to be an overall nice guy. You can even be ugly, but I'll let you hang around a while if you're nice.

There are tons of perfectly good roosters out there, and now is a great time of year to pick up a young guy. Folks are finding out what birds were mis-sexed and needing to get rid of their little cockerels. A younger rooster raised by mature hens is lots more likely to be respectful.

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