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    Feb 8, 2016
    My rooster & 3 hens showed up on New Year's Day & never left. I bought a coop & fenced them in. He picked the feathers off all 3 girls backs so I got them aprons. 1 of the girls is brooding and I just realized that he's picked ALL the feathers off her chest & he attached me last night. Any suggestions other than offing him?
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    She probably picked the feathers off her own chest - they do that while brooding so their skin comes into contact with the eggs. As for them losing back feathers, he didn't pick them off, it's a result of them being overmated because you have too few hens. You should have at least five to ten hens per rooster.

    Him attacking you though is unacceptable. You can try to correct the behavior by picking him up and carrying him around the yard when you're out there.

    However even if you do get him to stop attacking you you'll need to add more hens or get rid of him so your girls aren't stressed out by all the overmating.

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