Natural Crop Cure I Just Did!

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    I have been struggling with a chick with splay leg for a few months now. In the last few days he developed compacted crop. I did surgery and cleaned it out and it filled back up again the next day or so. He was being hand fed after the clean out, so it was food compacting his crop. He was not able to get the nutrients for days and I did not want to do surgery again. I had a bottle of Almond Oil that my mother had from here sisters cancer treatment. It is ideal for healing wounds, burns from chemo etc. I then rubbed his surgical site with the almond oil, as well as a dropper half full (for his small size) and forced the almond oil into the last hole in his throat to insure it straight to the crop. I massaged the crop for 2 hours while I watched "Shall We Dance" from 1937 with Fred Astair and Ginger ROdgers [​IMG]

    I added some more oil to his water, and would offer throughout the massage. I then was not thinking the oil was strong enough for a situation in case there was a blockage so I went for a baby laxative. (The clear kind, straight Glycerine) and offered it to him. To my suprise he bit half the laxative stick in half! I was afraid at this point that he would overdose.......

    I continued to massage him and monitor him. He got two hours of massage and I would pinch the crop in between massage to feel particles and squish them around. I did this for two hours. He loved it! Layed on his side, opened his wings, lifted his neck, stretched his neck, etc! I think he knew it was relieving him and at the same time helping because he had 2 -3 bowel movements....(large ones)

    I then placed him back into his pet carrier next to my bed for the night. I woke this morning to check on him and the crop is GONE!

    He is so active! He was not well before this so I am so proud! I would recommend this procedure to anyone electing to open the crop! Try this first~ it is a bonding and much healthier alternative to surgery. [​IMG]
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    very interesting information Jan, I for one would much rather try anything than open the crop so this will help me if i ever need it.. hoping I won't thanks again.
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    Sounds like an awesome thing to know! I have watched crop surgeries on you tube a couple of times and feel prepared..but I would love to avoid it!
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    WONDERFUL!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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