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    Sep 27, 2013
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    Hello all.I'm a newbie to the forum.I havea bantam rooster and a bantam pullet.they're both 4 months now and the girl has already laid a few eggs.I don't have an incubator as it is not easy to get one here in Singapore not mentioning the hefty price of it possible for the eggs to hatch with just natural incubation? Or is there any possible ways for the eggs to hatch without getting an incubator?
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    Im new to the chicken incubating but i do have a friend that mom raises exotic birds. If the chickens sit on their eggs then they might hatch. If you want to rig a incubator, Im not sure if this will work for chickens its just how my friends mom does it, they use a small animal cage with a heat pad underneath. They put rocks in the bottom and then netting on top of the rocks so the eggs are not sitting in water or on the rocks., They have a thermometer and hydrometer to make sure its up to temperature and then they hand turn the eggs. i believe they have since gotten a real incubator but i remember her telling me about this when we were in high school.Like i said im not sure this would work for chickens (someone might be able to answer that) you would need to have it set up for i would say at least a week to make sure it will produce the temperature and humidity that you need for the eggs to hatch.
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    In the "old days", folks would just place a light bulb close to a nest and incubate that way. If you have a thermometer that is half-decent, all you need to do is get ANYTHING rigged up where you can keep a fairly consistent temp in the 99 - 102 F range. Turn the eggs AT LEAST 3 times per day, and you should get something to hatch.

    As a last resort when a hen gave up on me, I used an old ice-chest with a shop light on it, and a pillow to hold in some heat. By trial and error, I found the "sweet spot" that kept it 100 or so degrees F in there. I now have a baby chick that is as healthy as can be.
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    Jan 8, 2013
    With any luck your hen could go broody.. most banty's brood easily....
    If suggested find a way to keep the temp and humidity at correct levels..................
    You might type homemade incubators in the search and get ideas.............
    Good Luck.and
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    Ok. Thank you everyone.I will definitely take note of that. Very much appreciated. Cheers

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