natural light ???????????? advise please

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Sam40, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Sam40

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    Aug 5, 2010
    Hi, I have hatched 5 SLW chicks, they are now 3 weeks old. The brooder is in the living room, its a rabbit hut, with a red bulb in. The chicks are really starting to make the room smell. I have a garage and out building outside , but they only have a small window. Would this be ok or should i leave the main light on during the day. I am worried its to dark in there and do they need natural light to grow healthy. Any suggestions as to what i should do??? thanks
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    Feb 13, 2009
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    Quote:Yes, you should definitely leave the main light on during the day. I can't think it would be good for them to be in the dark all the time except for the red light from their heat lamp. I have a similar setup for my 3 week olds. They are in a shed which has only a small window that does not let in much outside light. Once the sun comes up, I go in and turn on the shed light for them and then turn it off at night when it gets dark outside. That way they have a day cycle and a night cycle.
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    Sam, if you want to continue enjoying life and have any fear of your wife whatsoever, get those chicks OUT of your living room. Otherwise, you'll have to listen to your wife's telling you occasionally, year after year, about the time you filled the room with a layer of dust that took her forever to clean up. Actually, this warning is too late since they're three weeks old; get ready for... GOOD LUCK!
    Yes, put them in the garage with the light on most of the day. Be sure your red heat lamp is strong enough; they should have an area in the brooder that's at least 80 degrees this week to go to when they need to warm up.
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    Jul 6, 2010
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    I'll go along with joebryant--I brooded chickens in a side room of the cellar 25 years ago--we're still finding dust.

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