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    Apr 9, 2017
    Hi there. I'm interested in making my own quail feed. I was just wondering what I should feed them. I've started feeding them sprouted grains and they seem to like those but I would like to make sure they're getting enough protein and calcium to produce lots of strong eggs.
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    It can be done, how much time you got? Study natural feeds that quail eat, gather some, grow some, grind some, mix some, etc, etc--keep in mind they don't eat one or two things in the wild----they forage for many different items.

    I wanted to grow all my chicken feeds---shoot at times I have had over 1000 chickens. I grew a few acres of corn, had to hill, till, plant, keep weeds down then it was ready to harvest, now I had to harvest, shuck, shell, grind and mix in protein supplement, that I might could have grown some of that, but it takes so much more time, I grew worms, crickets(chickens love them), soldier fly larva, etc, etc---Man I am tired---LOL. I wised up-------I let the Feed manufactures grow and make the feed---they have put a lot of work into making us a good feed and have access to so many things we have a hard time getting, plus they buy so much of it they get it so much cheaper that we could. Its cheaper for me to go buy corn---in bulk- than I could raise it for--on a few/small acres scale.

    I got smart and I let my chickens(quail for you) buy my feed. I think of ways to buy Good feed in bulk, buy my corn in bulk---save a few dollars-----example---buying in bulk I can go buy my shelled corn for $4.85 for 50lbs instead of $8 at TSC, I can buy good bagged feed and get a discount per bag by buying 20 or more bags Plus the chickens pay for it and I do not have to spend my days collecting and growing it, and hoeing it, gathering it, etc, etc!! I just go feed them then come sit in the recliner and type these post---LOL.

    Quail have been selling for a decent price at the Auction lately---just like chicks----I can go buy a good, already made bag of feed for each 5 chicks sold this past Saturday at the auction----only had to incubate them and take them to the sale. Let your birds work for you---so you can rest---just my Opinion.
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    There are videos on you tube about making your own quail feed most use fish food to get the high protein needed ! X

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