Natural remedies for anxiety.

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  1. chickened

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    Oct 2, 2010
    western Oregon
    Been feeling a little... well a lot of stress/anxiety lately and was curious if anyone knows any natural remedies (no drugs) for common anxiety and stress. I have read a few online but they are all trying to sell me some and I am really not convinced they actually work after reading the reviews.
  2. HeatherLynn

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    May 11, 2009
    Kentucky, Cecilia
    Check on your vitamin levels and hydration as these can really up anxiety. After that I would go try meditation and deep breathing. Honestly I have not been able to find relaxation in pill form and I have been trying for a very very long time. Passion flower was good but it caused heart palpitations which then made the anxiety and stress worse. Valerian is effective in liquid form for a short term kinda thing. If you are not sleeping which is possible when under stress enzymatic has a stressless sleep formula that I found really really helpful. If you are tired anxiety is always worse. Pretty expensive though. The gaba did nothing for me.

    Taking B vitamines seems to help. Also I do a bit of nutmeg powder each day which has a tiny bit of sedative effect. Not much though.
  3. stoopid

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    Aug 3, 2011
    Long Island, NY
    Chocolate, Ice cream, and massage.
    Until your clothes don't fit, which causes me more stress. sigh.
  4. spikennipper

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    Jul 25, 2009
    Kent, UK.
    Chamomile tea is good as is lavender taken in a bath, there are rescue remedy drops as well which may help, but it may also help addressing the cause of your anxiety attacks too.
  5. Reurra

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    Apr 11, 2012
    Nova Scotia
    Stay away from caffine containing products, drop any energy drinks and my personal favorite, take 20 minutes to sit in the dark and imagine looking at a blank chalk board. Meditation really helps. Ive suffered anxiety since my thyroid went out of whack. But I cant afford medication for it, so I try and do the best I can with natural relaxation. Sunlight and mild exercise helps some people.
  6. groundpecker

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    Jun 26, 2011
    Rison, Arkansas
    Take time away from your usual routine to clear your mind. Tend to your poultry, play a video game, take a comfortable bubble bath. Anything that you can reserve an hour a day from your usual routine. Avoid and High energy foods/drinks and start drinking more water.

    If stress/anxiety gets too bad you may have no choice but to take medication. You should see a doctor to calculate the level of your stress/anxiety. If you do decide to take medication,
    try paxil. 5-10 mg per day should do for mild stress. If your condition turns into panic attacks, you should really go see a doctor right away.

    Also. If you are not in good health (overweight, disabled, taking other medications...ect) you should see a doctor.
    Natural remedy may not be a healthy decision.
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  7. dewey

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    Nov 9, 2010
    north of eternity
    I pray, and go for the root of my fears...bringing to mind scriptures on taking every thought captive and on God's perfect love, and begin to exchange my fearful thoughts for his promises...exercising and strengthening that exchange moment by moment at times when I realize I have begun to let fear slip in.
  8. ChickensRDinos

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    Aug 19, 2012
    Los Angeles
    regularly and consistent exercise. green tea. kefir milk.
  9. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Walking. Lots of walking. If you don't have time to walk then make time. Walking is good for humans.
  10. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    Walking, fishing, mowing lawn, time away from other humans, time spent in the outdoors help me. My wife told our family doctor that she thought that I needed anti anxiety meds. His reply, "From what I can see George is more likely to cause anxiety then he is to need medication." [​IMG]Prayer and quiet reflection also help me.

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