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    Well, my chickens have the pox.
    Most of them are OK but some of the pullets look a little down. Only one looked bad...I took her inside the house. She has wet pox inside her. By the second day she was not eating, drinking, standing or even opening her eyes. The fist day I only gave her water with vitamins and a little bit of red cell also used vinegar with the mother and gave her listerine. She was worst and I felt I was loosing her. I looked for information and mostly was waiting, giving vitamines and water and that was not giving quick results. So the next day I decided to take the risk and try new things. In a blender I mixed honey (antibacterial and helps with energy and healing), aloe vera (antibacterial, antiviral, helps healing and soothing and improves the immune system), lemon (many uses too) and neem leaves and a little bit of vodka

    . Also started with antibiotiotics in water.

    I dont know what really worked but in 2 hours she was up and in 4 she was eating. She is not out of the woods yet. But she is much better. And SHE IS EATING A LOT!!!!

    Here we can create a space to teach each other what we had tried and had work for us.

    The neem tree is a powerful healing tree used with people and animals

    Properties of Neem Used in Veterinary Medicine
    • Anti viral
    • Anti bacterial
    • Anti fungal
    • Anti diabetic
    • Anti periodic
    • Astringen
    • improves the immune system

    That same blender mix I Am using for my cough and worked miracles in just a day.

    So, share what remedies you use. For what you use them and if you can explain add the why....thanks for sharing.
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