natural worm preventer- calling all herbalists!

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    hello to all you herbalists and gardeners out there,
    i'm starting to build my coop and in true get ahead of yourself fashion, i am dreaming about landscaping. i am going to put a nice bed in surrounding my coop to beautify the area and sustain my chickies. i'd like to put in plants that help control the worm situation. this way when i go out to admire them i can pick whatever looks ripe and ready and toss it to them. so i'm thinking i'll definitely put in chilis. does it have to be cayenne or will a variety of chilis do the trick? i also think i read somewhere that thyme is not pleasant for the worms. did i make this up?

    garlic i think is also one of them. not sure if that will grow here. would a chicken peck at a clove of garlic or do you have to slip it to them through their water or something.

    what else?

    keep in mind i live in the tropics. it's neither super dry nor super wet on my part of the island. i'm 1/2 a mile to the beach so there is that salt in the air factor to a certain extent i guess.

    what are your suggestions?

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    You do not want to feed garlic to hens laying for it will pass on to eggs. I free range and I am a herblist. My chickens hang out under the cedar trees and pine trees. Both are known for being helpful to keeping worm s down in animals. Unless you pen and have them overstocked worming is not really an issue. Chickens eat all sorts of bugs and worms it is not very common that they get them. Not like a dog or cat in that you need to worm them yearly at least.

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