Nature or nurture mean roosters?

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    We hatched some chicks (in an incubator) from our puppy like-Golden Comet's & devil rooster- Black Copper Maran/Langshan (that we got when he was over 6 months old). Before the chicks hatched, we got rid of Devil Rooster. He was a GREAT rooster for the hens, very sweet to them, just incredibly dangerous to us. He didn't start out mean, but at the end you couldn't let the hens out in the morning or go in the coop at night without a stick.
    So my local chicken friends have said it's all in genetics, that the mean streak will carry on into any roosters that we hatch from a mean one.
    We have 5 young roosters from the one hatch from the Devil rooster- they're about 5 months old. Ofcourse the 'head rooster' is the prettiest one from the hatch is the one that shown signs of going bad. He flew up at me once last week. I picked him up & carried him around and he was fine. This morning, he came charging back into the coop while I was collecting eggs, and kinda flew up at me. I grabbed him again, and he twisted around and bit the cuff of my sleeve and held on, til I secured him and calmy pulled my sleeve free. I held him a bit and he struggled so I put him down and he went on about his buisness.
    He showed signs of being our dominant one in the brooder, so I've always coddled him. Held him everyday etc. to try to avoid this behavior.
    So with chickens, is it all nature or do you think it can be nurture?
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    It can be a combination of both, and sadly enough very frequently 'pet' roosters tend to be more aggressive. They simply do not know the boundaries and regard their owners as subordinates. "Treat your hens as pets and your roosters as chickens." Is not a bad saying.
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    I've always treated my roosters like roosters. I don't coddle them when they are babies and I don't expect them to be pets. I do expect that they will go through an uppity stage around 6 months or so, make attempts to challenge me, and will need to learn their place. The ones who learn to behave stay, the ones who don't go.

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