Nature's Hatchery... Never, NEVER again. Worst customer Service EVER..

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    Aug 21, 2009
    Montclair, New Jersey
    So this is the 3rd hatchery I have dealt with. First there were a couple orders from Mcmurray, then went for MPC to add 7 more to the flock. Now Recently I tried Nature's Hatchery, and saw that unlike MPC they were still evidently according to their site, selling certain breeds of chickens in the Fall. I placed an order for 5 on the 16th, got the email confirmation and saw that I hadn't added the extra shipping option for small-order-chick safety. So I called them to try and A) add this onto the order and B) to find out around WHEN I could expect these chicks to be hatched. The chicks I ordered were In Stock Btw, so it's not like a made a reservation for spring or anything. Anyways, I called, got nobody, left a message. Then just to be sure I shot them an email before the day was done. I woke up the next day (Sat), I called them on Sat, nobody answered, figured "what the hell, guess they take the weekend off", and thought nothing else of it. Their answering machine says they try to respond to messages on the day they are left if all the lines are busy, they fall short on this claim by a LoooOooooong shot, I have left 4 messages over the past week, and called to try and get a customer service person AT LEAST 25 times DURING business hours. At the moment they have charged me around 75 dollars, for an order I have no way of knowing even a general idea of when it will come OR whether or not they got my messages and emails to put the extra shipping charge on. If I had not had read that so many people have gotten chickens from them, I would honestly feel like I was dealing with the world's first fake chicken hatchery scam LOL. I have NEVER spoken to a person at Nature's Hatchery, and I have almost made a second job of just trying to get in touch with these people. So now I am at a funny place, my last message to them was a desperate attempt to cancel the order. But who knows, evidently Nature's Hatchery just likes people to think they have customer service, because for the last week I have talked to that darn answering machine more times and on more phones then I care to mention. A LONG time ago i canceled and order from MPC due a family loss, let me tell you, they milked me for everything I was worth with that cancellation, but at least I HAD THE OPTION OF CANCELING let alone the opportunity to talk to an actual person. And no, Nature's hatchery isn't on "vacation" or anything like that, they just seem to have taken an interesting business move and decided to pretend they have customer service, when in actuality the past week they all must have decided to get stoned at work and let the answering machine talk to their paying customers. *whew* im done venting HAHAHA, just frustrating, to have such great experiences with Mcmurray and MPC and then this [​IMG]
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    Sep 6, 2009
    Thanks for the warning! I hope you get things straightened out but if it's any consolation I, for one, will make sure to stay away from them now. I appreciate the heads-up.

    I ordered 8 chicks from mypetchicken to arrive next week. they e-mailed me right away with the expected date and even called to tell me they were crediting me back for overnight shipping I had chosen which I did not need for the non-chick portion of my order. I had checked it thinking they were referring to the babies but turns out the babies go overnight automatically do I did not need it for my DE and cage cups and oyster shell order -lol. They caught my error and gave me my money back - very impressed.

    Thanks for the warning!
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    thanks for the heads up i personally prefer to buy in state i think its the best way to ensure that you get fresh eggs/birds whatever. less stress and handling required. lucky for me texas has a bunch of hatcheries
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    Aug 19, 2009
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    Thanks for letting us know. I for one won't be ordering from them either & will definitely pass on your experience.
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    Apr 29, 2007
    For "fake" hatcheries not to have good customer service is a death sentence from the beginning.

    If your going to drop ship poultry you have to beat everyone else at the only thing you can control.... customer service.... as they are just a middle man, they have no control over anything. They are at the mercy of the hatcheries... cues and miscues...

    That's too bad.. good luck with that one.
  6. rainplace

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    Interesting. They provided great customer service for me when I ordered ducks from them earlier this year. They also called me back when I called the day before delivery to cancel my order.
  7. CityChicker

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    Mar 21, 2009
    I had a similar experience with them. I could not get them to respond when they had some birds that I WANTED to buy from them. I had a very similar experience with MPC. That said, I have bought so many birds over the years. Sometimes I have gotten great service from companies that others have had negative experiences with. I think it just boils down to the fact that customer service is variable. Since we don't usually know what is going on on their end, it is hard to say why this happens.
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    I just tried to call Natures Hatchery for my phone and nope no answer . . .sounds mighty fishy to me! call your credit card co and cancel the charge.
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    Jul 16, 2009
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    I emailed them a bit about their Seramas and they were very nice and patient with me. Maybe the phone people aren't as nice as the email people?
  10. hi, i hope that i did not make a very big mistake. i did not read all of these email's about nature's hatchery, until i had allready placed my 2010 order from them. it is of course, not too late for me to cancel it from them. i did get to talk to a real person, his name was reeve. i talked to him twice. now i do not know what to do. my pet chicken, is a very good chicken hatchery. i have never had any trouble from them. the only reason that i went with nature's hatchery to begin with, is that they say on their website, that they carry rare chickens, and they did have alot of rare chickens on their list, so i placed an order with them. well i think that it may be time to turn them over to the better business bureau in illinois, where they are located at. iam going to try and send to them, all this information, that has been written about them on this website. i hope i get results. if i do get results from them, i will email all you people on this website, what took place, and what, if anything, that they are going to do about it. this makes me very mad as well. thanks you guys for the heads up as well, rennea burgess. lakeland, florida 33805-7552.

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