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    Mar 18, 2008
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    Well previously in my new adventure w/chicks I had 2 little babies that hatched out 2d ago the only 2 out of 12 but both had deformities w/their toes and feet.Well I have made little boots for both of them and the smallest baby has now adapted quite well to getting around w/her boots she has 2 on but her sister only had one foot deformity and only required one boot she is having problems and is not able to really get around as well.I have named the bigger fluffy butt who has very yellow down Cindy and her sister who is very naughty and has a more orange color and who is smaller is Margeret or Maggie.BUt anyways Maggie has started to pick and Cindy's eyes whenever she is near her and of course little Cindy has a big handicap.What causes this?Thanks
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    Apr 14, 2008
    That's too cute the way you describe the little boots you made.

    I'm not as knowledgable as many are but from what I've seen chickens establish a pecking order even when they are chicks and it sounds like one is declaring his/her dominancy. The problem with that though is if you have one that is much weaker it can really take a toll on the poor thing. If it continues to go on our gets worse, I'd probably separate the two of them realizing that when they are put back together again it will happen all over again but maybe the weaker one will be a little stronger at that point.
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    I would be careful with the eye picking especially if it is extreme. I had a chick that was possess. I call it the Jeffery Dahmer chick. It actually pinned a chick down and attacked her eye until it drew blood and then went double time.

    It maybe just taste pecking which seems much more benign.
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    If one is weaker and the other is will most likely pick on the weaker one. They can get brutal about it but it is natural instinct to get rid of the weak ones. Watch them because you may have to make a difficult decision in the near future.

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