Naughty chicken :0(


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7 Years
May 19, 2012
We recently picked up 3 chicken 14 & 1/2 weeks old). Theses are our first chickens.

Two out of the three are fine but the other one!!!!!! she is a pepper pot.

If you can catch the other two they are happy to be picked up and stroked but the pepper pot just pecks and if you go near her in the coop she picks at the wire, she just doesn't seem very nice :0(. Is this normal?

Also when I put the straw in the nesting box she will just go in and she kicks it all out. Is this normal?

Thanks so much for your help
Its normal chickens have a range of personalities. For a new pullet being cautious and not trusting is a survival trait. Throwing out nesting material is common when they investigate the nest box.

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