naughty chicken used my email!!!

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    so i came home this afternoon and checked my emails and this was in the sent folder. i think miss vera is getting a bit too clever for her own good [​IMG]

    there was a competition mentioned on a breakfast tv show (imaginatively called "breakfast") this morning here for a 50th anniversary special book on coronation street where to enter you had to email the show by the end of the day with a reason why you should get it. i have no idea if coronation street is even screened anywhere in the US so sorry if it means nothing to the majority of you...

    Dearest Breakfast Team,

    I am writing because i would love to be able to read the Coronation St book that featured on your show. I am a two and a half year old chicken who is named Vera. My adopted parents named me for a character on Coronation St, as they have for most of their animals. I was lucky enough to sneak inside this morning and watch some of your show while they were getting ready in the morning and saw the book being discussed. I enjoy watching Breakfast whenever my parents leave the back door open in the morning and I get the chance.

    I have two adopted sister chickens also named from the show, Diedre II (more on that later) and Blanche. We are all very keen to have the book read to us and pictures of the characters we were named after shown to us. We have never seen what they look like as the show is on too late for us and we are snuggled up on our roost by the time it starts, and, well, we aren't really allowed inside either.

    As well as my fellow chickens my adopted parents also have a one year old ginger cat named Chesney and two goldfish named Ken and Diedre I who have some mountain minnow pets of their own, all called Eccles as they look so much alike. Yes there are two Diedres, you'll have to ask my lovely parents why but i think it has something to do with Diedre II's hairdo. These members of my adopted family are all also named for Coronation St characters but have seen what they look like as they are lucky enough to be allowed in by the TV in the evenings. Not like us poor chickens who are left wondering who it is we are named in honour of!

    I have attached photos of some of my family members and myself. I am pretty good on the computer don't you think? I have had practice as you can see by the photo of myself i attached. My Dad sometimes leaves his email open and I sneak inside to send messages like I am now. He took a photo of me doing it one time as my Mum didn't think i could. It is taking me a while to type this though as i am a one beak typer only! I have attached a photo of Chesney, he is looking very serious in the photo as he had been given the responsibility of baby sitting for us chickens which doesn't happen very often. Also there are photos of Diedre II and Blanche so you can see who it is that, along with myself, would love to have the book read to them.

    I thank you for reading this as Diedre, Blanche and I would love very much to receive one of the copies of the book you have spare as we desperately would like to see who it is we are name after!!

    Yours Sincerely,

    P.S. I will do my very best to sneak inside every morning to watch your marvellous show with my parents, that Peter Williams is such a dish it makes me go trembly at the knees and makes my wings go all a flutter!!!!

    and these are the photos she sent with it...

    yep i took that a few days ago, had been outside doing something and that's what i saw when i walked in the back door [​IMG]

    that's diedre II (top) and blanche (bottom), two girls we bought off nzpouter a few months ago now i think.

    and this one i've already posted so sorry for double posting it but it's mentioned in her email.

    i had nothing to do with it honest!! [​IMG]
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    Why would anyone thing you had ANYTHING to do with it????

  3. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Better change the password on your 'puter!
  4. [​IMG]

    Quite inteligent chicken. You should put it on TV it's self!
  5. redonthehead

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    Nov 5, 2010
    ROFL! Can't blame the chickens for being such fans of an awesome show!! Great pictures! I can just picture what it would be like to have a little tv in the coop... all the hens gathered around clucking about the latest episode. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    May 26, 2010
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    I love Coronation Street!
    I watch it here in Michigan on the Canadian Broadcast Channel, but they are about 8 or 9 months behind.
    dont care, but dont tell me![​IMG]

    wonderful post about the "street"!
    American fan here.

  7. akaxo

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    haha don't worry i think we're about a year behind here in new zealand so you're probably more up to date than i am on coro happenings!

    and yes i can just picture them in their coop watching it [​IMG] got a spare small tv so maybe if they're lucky, don't want them missing out! [​IMG]
  8. akaxo

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    she didn't win the book [​IMG]
  9. redonthehead

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    Nov 5, 2010

    Then I definitely recommend installing the spare tv in the coop. May help with the disappointment. [​IMG]
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    Jul 25, 2010
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    love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is a naughty girl

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