Naughty chickens put to bed.

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    Jul 17, 2007
    So two of my chickens, Silkie (who is merely a mixed silkie) and Brown Chicken, have taken to sleeping in the nest boxes all of the sudden. They just like to keep me guessing I think. This pooping in the nest box has got to stop. I tried blocking the entrance at night with cardboard, they just shoved it out of the way. I think I may have to add a door on a hinge that I can drop every night for a while to block them out if this doesn't work.

    I thought they didn't like being on the lower roost, which is slightly below the level of the nest boxes.

    So last Sunday I put a nice new high roost in the middle of the coop. They didn't immediately take to it.

    Tonight when I went to close them up from free ranging, I opened the nest box drop door and what do I see?


    So I boot them out, and they hop to the roost in front of the nest box, where they used to happily cuddle together and roost for the night.


    They spot the new roost!


    Brown Chicken is the most bold, and hops up. Will Silkie join her pal?


    I dunno, the nest box is terribly tempting. Who wouldn't prefer to bed down in nice nests with purple plastic easter eggs?


    Finally she hops up.


    I took another shot of Silkie's fluffy belly on the roost with the camera in the nest box.

  2. Nice work!

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