Naughty Chicks


Mar 28, 2015
Southwest Colorado
I have a group of 11 mix breed, almost 6 weeks old. I got them all at the same time but I had to separate for a little while due to brooder size and some chicks were a little smaller than the rest. I moved them out of my house, and into their coop finally
( for obvious reasons) and now their are 2 ( black sex link and gold lace wyandotte) that are just mean and just randomly attack the others, especially the black sex link. They have not drawn blood but some missing feathers. I know their is a new pecking order to establish now but when will they settle in as a whole flock? I still have my brooder but it was built for indoors, mostly chicken wire and not predator proof. I dont know if it would be warm enough too move the naughty girls back into the brooder, or just let them duke it out and all will be fine and dandy soon. Thanks for any advice yall got!


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Jun 8, 2010
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If they aren't drawing blood then I would let them settle their pecking order.

Drawing blood should be stopped by separating them immediately, though, if it occurs.

I like to keep some Blu Kote on hand, as well as rooster booster pick no more lotion, for baby chicks who are brooder-bound and pecking their flock mates.

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