Nautrual fox repplent

You offer little info, as where you are located, and your desired options.
Many peeps would hunt them, but that may not be allowed in your area. Can you reach out to conservation department, (if there is one in your country) and ask to have relocated. In some instances, if predator is endangering you livestock, they may take action.
Not sure what else to suggest until you offer more details. :idunno
WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:highfive:
I live near the woods and I'm trying to find some diy thing that won't cost much to keep the foxes away some say vinegar and coffee grounds
Has the fox, or members tried to break into your chicken coop? I do not know of any scented items that would deter a fox. :idunno
Only thing I do know to somewhat work, is a HOT WIRE. That does get pricey to set up.
Many peeps do use Hot wire method, and entice predators by baiting it. A taste of Jules and predator is usually convinced to search elsewhere.

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