NC Brahmas & Cochins in the summer

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by quiminco, Jan 24, 2017.

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    Hi everyone,

    I just ordered a Brahma and a Cochin with the latest flock of chicks and I was wondering how they cope with summer heat. We live in the mountains of Western North Carolina so it's generally pretty temperate, but July and August can get pretty miserable. The current flock consists of orpingtons, australorps, and black stars; aside from holding their wings out in the shade they seem to do just fine (the cold seems to bother them more than the heat!)

    What sort of tactics have you used to help keep the girls cool in the summer? They loved frozen blueberries last year, but I'm looking for some less messy, more budget friendly ideas [​IMG]

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    Welcome to BYC!

    If your Orps were fine, the cochin and brahma should be fine, tho they do lack the larger combs that can help cool them.

    There's a ton of stuff to do to avoid heat suffering....
    ....I think deep, all day shade and lots of cool water are the best deterants.
    But check out the search link below.
    advanced search>titles only> hot weather
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    i live in NC and my GIANT overly fluffy blue cochins have survived the summer heat.ill take the hose run it until it has cold water coming out then ill spray the runs roof off soak the ground and spray each individual chicken off.they hate me during the proses but love my after.they lay down in the shade which now has been soak in cool water.and the cochin run around looking like there lost.i freeze bluberries and any older fruit i have,they love that, another idea ive not tried but seen is to fill a flat bucket horse drinker outer thing with water and freeze it than place a brick in the middle so the cold soaks into the brick and they stand on it.

    i dont know if this thread is old or not but ill post in case someone else wants to know.[​IMG]

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