nc charlotte - 2 roosters that need homes

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    Aug 24, 2007
    sorry i think i posted this in the wrong forum, excuse the duplication.

    I have a barred rock rooster and what I think is an old english rooster that need homes. They are very nice looking birds. I have been treating them for scaly leg mites. The barred rock had an injured eye that has healed nicely. They are very nice looking:D if i was a chicken i would be all over this handsome guys. The barred rock seems to get along with everyone including other roosters. The other one i havent really had time to check him since he had a wound i had to isolate him for that. He was attacked by a dog due to lack of night time predator protection. They both need good homes where they wont be sold, eaten, or otherwise killed or given away in any way. If youd like to met one of these handsome guys please drop me a line.

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