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Yoga...The Chicken Pose
11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
Fuquay Varina, NC
I'm not sure what else to post this, I would like everyone to post where there is a farmer's market in their area in NC. This way we can all keep in touch, maybe meet up and be able to direct one another to chicks, fresh produce and anything that we have locally.

After today I've had 2 people ask me where one is because they don't know how else to find fresh eggs! They don't want chickens, but they want to know their eggs are local and fresh!

So list your markets, included directions and if YOU offer fresh produce/eggs at your farm and where to find you!

In Fuquay-varina (Southwest of Raleigh by 30 minutes) we have 2-

One is downtown by the Wine Place (Cellar 101) and they sell just about anything... they don't have any organic sellers from local yet that I know of, but occasionally they have eggs. Open Saturdays and Wens. 9am until.

A second one opened up on 401 hwy in front of Kohl's (Soil Toppers Inc Parking Lot) and they only allow local and organic produce and items. So its a bit pricer, but everyone you meet is from less then 40 miles away. I'm over there on Saturday's 8am to 1pm. I'm trying to get them to allow us to sell chicks
I'm going to try to have my rooster up there on Saturday.

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