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    Edited to add: I do NOT have home internet, so I can't check this on the weekends or over christmas break except certain days

    No pictures, my apologies, but I have 5 large fowl chickens that I am selling. I am going down to just bantams so these guys can go to great homes. Local pick up only. As far as I know my flock is healthy, you're welcome to see them. Individual prices listed or $50 for all (you save 10 dollars)

    -Blue Cochin Rooster
    Purchased from patyrdz when he was 3 weeks old. Her cochins can be seen at if you want to see the parent flock he came from. 9 Months old $10

    -Black Copper Maran Hen
    6 Months old. Not sure what parent flock she came from. Posted her here for breed ID and was told Maran. Not laying yet, but should be when weather warms up. $15

    -Mutt Hen
    5 Months old, not laying. Orange color, reminds me of EE coloring, but not an easter egger that I know of. Pretty girl though! $10

    -Golden Laced Wyandotte
    12 Months old, laying every other day. Pretty I guess, I don't know the breed standard. $15

    -White Rock/Cornish mix
    unknown age, she lays eggs, but is getting a little big for herself, she pants sometimes and isn't good at jumping/flying. $10
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