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    This is my last attempt at getting rid of my over abundance of roosters. Right now I have 3 roos and 3 hens. However, Mr. Elmo the Buff Silkie is the alpha roo in the coop and destroying the pretty plumage of the white silkies I AM trying to breed right now. Hatched on May 3rd 2009. He's not great for showing, though I bought him from show stock. He has several black feathers in his tail, and shorter streamers on his head them my white roos. His other qualities including toes are all correct, and he has a large amount of gorgeous foot feathering. If I had more girls to keep them all happy I would keep him... however, I don't think I will be getting more silkies until spring.

    So good-bye Mr. Elmo. For if you have no home by this weekend, I am liking PC's Silkie Stock Recipe!!! [​IMG]


    The auction and buy-it-now won't let me do $0, so just post here and/or PM me [​IMG]
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