NC- Silver Grey Dorkings, Sumatra, Black Giant, Cuckoo Marans

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    Jan 25, 2008
    Hello everyone! I have some birdies for sale! [​IMG]

    3 Silver Grey Dorking chicks, just a couple weeks old. $5 a piece. **Pending sale**

    2 Sumatra chicks, one black, and one blue. They sire's tail drags the ground and he's not even a year old yet. Sire carries multiple spurs 2-3 on each leg, and foot bottoms are yellow. Beautiful birds! $5 a piece. **Pending sale**

    1 Black Giant rooster. He's been free-ranging in my yard and is very friendly. He is an excellent forager! Lived freely in our yard for about a year now, even when we had predator issues. $10

    2 Cuckoo Marans cockerels, hatched mid-January. One is the Cuckoo pattern, but the other hatched out an "off" color. The "off" colored one is white, with black barring, I was going to keep him to see how his colors passed onto the young, but I'm pressed for space. He would be cool for anyone wanting to play with Marans' colors. They have the right genetics for dark eggs, but I only have 4 hens and I don't need 4 cockerels. $15 for the Cuckoo cockerel, $10 for the "off" colored cockerel.

    I also have Texas A+M Coturnix quail. From just hatched to half grown. $1 for newly hatched chicks(4) and $3 for those that are half grown.

    Pick up only, please. Thank you for your time, thanks for looking.

    God Bless
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