nchls school, THANK YOU!

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    Mar 30, 2008
    nchls school I can't thank you enough! I don't think Riot actually knows 'step up', but now any time my hand gets near him he steps up on it! At first he would hang out on my shoulder and when I reached for him he would scoot over behind my head and hide (which made it tricky to get him off). Now he is happy either on my arm or on my shoulder and when I put my hand on my shoulder he climbs right on. I wrapped a towel around the top bar over a step stool about a week ago and I started putting Khaos and Riot on that, then I would ask Riot to step up and gave him a small treat when he did as I asked. Today I leaned forward to pick up a treat that he dropped and he reached out and grabbed my shirt and climbed up. He seems really comfortable with us and loves his 'out of cage' time. My husband seems to be a lot more interested in them. He has been coming over when they are out and holds out his hand. The birds shied away at first (he thought they just didn't like him) but now they both will step up for him too. And Khaos is learning to fly to us. We're working on getting him to land on our hands instead of the top of our heads.

    My favorite part of the day now is when I get the birds out and spend time with them. I think if it wasn't for you, my time with Riot would still be those moments when I put my hand in the cage with a treat and he snatched it from my fingers and backed off. He has come so far, and you have my most sincere gratitude!

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