NE Ohio, P/U only: MF, blue MF and Lav D'uccle, 6 weeks

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    **if you are interested in any of these birds, please PM me and I will update the post with what remains, please DO NOT click buy it now!**

    A friend of mine needed to reduce her flock and asked if I would take them. I explained I could not keep all of them but would try very hard to find good homes for everyone. We have held on to as many as we can but I still have a few left.

    the colors left are Mille Fleur, blue Mille Fleur, Lavender (self blue) and Porcelain D'uccle

    All are approximately 6 weeks old.

    All that remain are the following:
    7 Mille Fluer cockerels
    3 Blue Mille Fluer cockerels
    2 Lavender (self blue) cockerels

    Cockerels are $2 each. If you are willing to take multiple cockerels, I will provide deep discounts! [​IMG]

    Mille Fleur cockerels
    Blue Mille Fleur cockerel
    another blue MF
    Lav cockerel

    I also have a limited number of just hatched (6/29) mixed breed chicks that are straight run, $2 each.

    I am in NE Ohio, these are pickup only...too hot to ship now.
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