neapolitan mastiff

they are big clumsy goofs that are almost impossible not to fall in love with
Lots of information out there on this breed. What do you want to know?

They are a mastiff breed, sometimes used for protection and often for a pet. They have some specian skin care needs as they have profuse skin all over their bodies, the folds and wrinkles tend to develop bacteria and fungus infections. They also are prone to eye issues, such as cherry eye, so often require surgery for that.

They require a lot of sociliazation and need a firm and fair leader. I often see them mixed with other breeds to create a better personal protection dog -- though I am not convinced this "improves" anything. On a positive note they are very devoted and bond very strongly to their owners.

They are a wet mouthed breed, meaning they drool a lot!! If they smell food don't let them rub up against your leg or you'll have to change your clothes LOL Its pretty nasty if you ask me.

I have handled only a couple of them, and seen a few others. I think their main draw is the unusual look they have.
they can be quite affectionate too

my friend has one... he is a horse but he is so cute and even though he is HUGE compared to my 2lb min pins he plays so nice with them... (of course we never let them play unattended)
so when it comes to skin care is there much difference between them and a sharpei ? is there a working line with less skin issues ? just curious like i said this is probably a if only dog lol
Yes there are working and show lines that have different temperaments, plus geographical differences in genetics as well. I don't know that there's a difference in skin issues with those lines, I just know there's temperament differences. The skin issues they have are akin to an English Bulldog and Sharpei.
Sound advice, have had the pleasure of working with a few, but the skin and drool are a bit to handle.
We have an English Mastiff. IIRC, Neopolitans are supposed to be similar in most aspects. He's very laid back and a bit of a goofball. He is a good guard, but it is different than the way a rottie or GSD guards. He isn't much for guarding property - he's a people guardian. While me and the girls are his favorite people, he'll look after almost anyone. Our patio doors blew open during a windstorm last week and the alarm went off. The alarm company sent the police. I came in to find 3 officers standing in the living room exclaiming over the size of him, while he looked up at them adoringly. Apparently, he met them with a wagging tail. Onthe other hand, he'll get up and come sit between me and my husband if we so much as talk in an excited tone.

He does slobber. He also slings slobber onto the walls/furniture, etc. I imagine a neo would be even worse because of the looser jowls.
Our Spartacus (Cane Corso ~ Roman/Italian Mastiff, does the exact same thing, if he thinks anyone is upset, he will make his presence known, and tries to figure out WHO needs his protection! He is funny! They do tend to protect people, not property. He doesn't even bark if we are not home and someone comes to the door.

But no one better come to the fence if we are in the backyard!!
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I have a bullmastiff, she looks more like an english in her face though(she is pet quality due to her muzzle being too long..among other thngs). Anwyays she too gaurds people not property! I thought it was strange.. But apparentlt is is not uncommon amongst the mastiffs! I always wondered if she'd actually "protect" us if push came to shove. She is 8 and has never shon even the slightest protective instinct and has the most amazing friendly temperment.

well last summer my neighbor thought it would be funny to sneak up on us wearing a halloween mask as we were enjoying a bon fire. He never made it that far, I heard barking (unusual) and found him plastered to a wall by our house attempting to take of his mask saying "its okay Mabel...its me" She looked terrifying, didn't bite but he wasn't allowed to move in any direction!

On another note, during another bonfire, I heard horrible screeching and yelping coming from the front of the house, it sounded like one of the dogs was in extreme distress, then in the dark we saw both the bullies running to wards us, tail between legs, terrified expression... being chased by a cat..

OP, my vet has a neo, he is a doll! Unfortunately and even though he had researched lines and bought from a reputable breeder, the dog needs both elbows and hips replaced and partly due to his size the project cost is 20 grand. So apparently some are prone to dysplasia.

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