Near Disaster Averted!


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Mar 30, 2008
Well that's maybe being a little dramatic.
I have 14 6-week old chicks who are in a coop, but for during the day I made a little 3' x 4' run so they can get out in the grass (the coop has a wire floor to deter predators).
I decided today I needed to move the coop, so I hooked up the tractor, moved it, then opened one of the doors and attached the run. But, I kind of rushed through chores because of impending rain, and in my haste I evidently left about a 3" gap. I went on with my chores, and about an hour later came around the barn to see that OOPS... the flock was outside the coop, happily scratching away and running amuck!

I have no idea how long they were out, but I have three dogs, a neighbor's dog who likes to visit and play with my dogs, two outdoor cats, and there is a resident broad-winged hawk who usually makes overhead flights numerous times a day. Plus, we live right on the edge of the woods.

I went against every instinct and calmly walked twoard them, wondering if I still had them all, and wondering HOW I would get them back in. I started calling "chick chick chick!", which I do when giving them treats, and it worked like a charm! Amazingly, all fourteen came running and followed me back to the coop, where I chucked them back in one at a time.

Lesson learned...if I want to keep my chickens contained and intact, be more careful! I feel like a goob.

p.s. - one of the cats was there watching the whole time...he's evidently not interested, thank goodness!


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Jul 5, 2007
Sevier County, TN
You're lucky, Plucky!

Maybe your cat did you some good, since other cats and hawks might've hestitated over the feline guardian.

My cats like to harass my peeps every now and then, but I've seen them each run off the neighbor's cats when they got too close.

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