Nearly Drowned Chicken, recovered, but which antibiotics should I start for preventing pneumonia ?

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    Apr 8, 2013
    My husband left the chickens out (silkies) because I would be home within the hour. I pulled in and saw my silkie floating lifeless in the pool. I ran and grabbed her out and she was nearly dead from what I could tell. I spent the entire evening getting her warm and dry. Turned her upside down and got water out a few times. When I went to bed she was weak, but looking better. Managed to get some blueberries in her. ,woke up this morning and she was moving around on her own... WHEW!! She looks to be recovered, but I read you should start antibiotics because water in the lungs has a high chance of causing infection. Can anyone tell me which antibiotics should I start for preventing pneumonia ?

    Tylan? duramycin? Also what dosage and any other helpful on how to do this... THANKS!
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    Good work bringing her back! Antibiotics might treat pneumonia if it develops, but aren't preventative. I would keep her as stress free and well fed as possible, and see how she continues to recover. Chickens aren't water birds, for sure. Mary

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