1. We have been collecting eggs nearly every day and sometimes within about48 hours, and are finding many severely cracked! Could this be because of the extreme cold winter temperatures? We have noticed some of the eggs, when we have gathered some of the cracked ones, that they appear to actually be frozen! If eggs did freeze, without cracking, can we eat them?
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    Yes I always toss the cracked ones and treat the noncracked ones as normal...but I don't let them set as long in the refrigerator after they have been frozen like that...I try to eat them sooner than the other ones.

    The reason is that I have found that some of them crack later in the refrigerator if they have been frozen.
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  3. Thanks for the reply. That makes sense, to eat them sooner, now I just wish I would have kept them in a different container! Oh, well!?

    It is warmer once again, so hopefully won't have this happen too much more this winter!

    I liked your method for making your feed, that is very interesting and sounds---well, delicious!
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    ChickensAreSweet Heavenly Grains for Hens


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