Nearly Lost A Hen Today


11 Years
Jun 22, 2008
Central Texas
I was about 5 seconds from losing another one of my hens to my blue heeler. She's really lucky my dad pulled up from work when he did!
See, I have 2 blue heelers now, Prisy a female, and Black-eye, a male. Both are about 6 years old. We keep them in a large fenced in area, with electric fencing. Prisy is a regular Houdini when it comes to escaping, which of course is why we have the electric fence. We checked for holes and found none, so obviously our chickens are finding some way in. A few weeks ago I lost a chicken who sort of flew over (this fence is pretty tall...) and was..well attacked. Prisy was the culprit, as our other dog, Black-eye was barking at her from the other sie of the yard and wanted nothing to do with it.When my dad got home today, he heard a strange squaking noise in the backyard. He looked behind our house to see one of our hens in Prisy's jaws, while Black-eye once again just barked a her. My dad then grabbed a saw horse that was laying on the ground, jumped on it, and hopped the fence. He was lucky he could get the chicken from her. We didn't find any serious injuries, but I'm still amazed at how fast my dad reacted! Does anyone have any comments or help for me to kep the chickens out of the yard?!?!?!? (They free-range...)
My dog got a chicken a long time ago but I havent had any other problems since then
If you can't trust the dogs, you will have to do a better job separating them. Either the chickens can't free range or you need a taller fence. There is no easy solution.

Perhaps, you could clip wings to prevent them going over the fence.

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