Nebraska! I'm selling chickens! :)

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  1. I live in the Northeast corner of Nebraska. North of Norfolk.
    I am mostly selling parts of my Rooster Flocks and a couple hens.

    Please feel free to ask questions! I will gladly answer.

    According to BYC rules, I cannot list chickens I have ads for elsewhere. So if you are interested in seeing the birds I posted elsewhere, please PM me and I will gladly show you which are still available. :)

    20180913_145721.jpg Black smooth frizzle bantam. Pullet. 6 months old. Her dad was a frizzle, so she carries the gene. 15$

    20180913_145829.jpg Cochin Bantam, hen. 3 years old. Very broody, a rooster favorite hence the bald head. 8$

    Ancona rooster, 1 year old. SPECIAL NEEDS, he lost half of his left foot and wobbles at times. 25$ as I want to make sure he's not just headed for the freezer. He's very friendly.

    That's all I'm posting for right now, since I don't have much luck selling chickens in BYC.
    I'm willing to travel as long as we are meeting equal distances, I am paid minimum wage and gas is expensive:(

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