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Jun 18, 2020
Hi! First time chick raiser here. My girls are about 1 month old, still inside. I'm putting the finishing touches on my coop and run. I feel pretty confident that the run and coop are predator proof. My question is how neccesary is a coop door for a coop? I've seen people who shut the door each night, automatic closers, etc. Is it completely neccesary? TIA!
Located in New Hampshire.
I only use the door a few times a year when we are making repairs on the run or doing projects we and can't finish it all in one day. But I am glad to have it on the few days we need it.
Like centralcaligirl and rosemarythyme, I don't see the need when the total enclosure is secure. We've had good security here for 3 years without any door between the coop and run.

But, as centralcaligirl says, sometimes you want them up in the coop while you do some business in the run or down in the run while you clean the coop. For those cases I have a simple scrap of wood with an eyelet screwed into the top end and an equally simple hook screwed in just above the opening to the ladder down to the run. It does the trick with as close to zero expense as I could manage.


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Oct 16, 2010
Your location and local predators have a lot to say about that question. What some think is predator proof is clearly not when weasels come for midnight killing spree.

Runs being larger and typically made of wire with lawn dirt/floors and typically no roofs are by nature not predator proof. The expense and experience to make them so is daunting for most of us chicken owners. Coops on the other hand are easy to make predator proof for night time protection. Night, when the majority of willy chicken eating wildlife is on the prowl. Daytime predators for the majority are neighborhood dogs, the night is weasel, racoon, coyote and more.


Feb 19, 2017
Charlotte, NC
There is no need for one, if you are confident in your set up! I would suggest having a game camera or two, so you know whats lurking around at night.

Do you have some pictures of your coop and run that you can post?

I have a door on my set up, I've only used it a couple times. Every opening on my coop is covered with 1/2 inch hardware cloth. My run is all 1/2 inch HWC, it has a solid roof and I have an apron around the whole perimeter. I have 2 game cameras set up. I have raccoons, possums and a fox once in a while that come by. They rarely try to get in anymore, once in a while I'll see some scratching, but they hit the apron and go away.


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