Neck feather plucking

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  1. Echobabe

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    Oct 30, 2007
    Opinions please! I have a RIR who has systematically plucked out her neck feathers over the past 4 months.

    It started when she got into a fight with another bird. There was no injury other than a feather or two yanked. Since that time, she has worked the area up and down so now she has a bald patch on the lower neck to the chest about 3-4 inches down and 1 inch across. I have looked the area over many times. There are no parasites, skin problems, cuts, etc.

    After I applied pinetar to the remaining feathers around the area a couple weeks ago, she stepped up operations and cleaned those out too!

    I never see anyone peck her (she's 2nd in charge), and I really think she has been doing this to herself.

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to stop? Is this common? Is there a parasite I don't know about here? I realize the feathers probably won't grow back until a molt.

    THANKS for any advice!
  2. farm_mom

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    Mar 11, 2008
    Feather eating is usually a sign that the birds need more protein, but if your other birds are not eating feathers, that may not be the issue. Some people give their birds dry cat food to up their protein intake, especially during molts. Good Luck!

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