Sep 28, 2020
Hello! I am new to this group so I hope I’m doing this correctly.
I have a hen who is roughly 3/4 months old. We noticed when my husband picked her up To put her and our other chickens in the grass her neck was long and head facing down when we put her down she doesn’t lift her head much at all like she normally would and peck at the food in the grass she just sat with her head in the grass. (See picture) Once we put them back into there coop she was eating and drinking but head still not lifted high like usual. (See picture)
Any idea what it could be or what I could do to help?
Thank you!



Crossing the Road
Dec 11, 2009
Colorado Rockies
This is likely one of the more strange presentations of wry neck. It's caused by a vitamin E deficiency for the most part, although sometimes it can be a congenital defect. If this came on suddenly, and if this chicken is eating okay and pooping normally, wry neck is what I am suspecting.

It's simple enough to treat. Give one vitamin E 400iu minimum each day until a few days after she's behaving normally again.

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