Neck stretching?


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May 18, 2011
One of my 4 week old "hens" stretched its neck up today in a sort of silent crowing action. Was this a crow or just a stretch do you think?
Mine have been stretching their necks like that and nothing comes out...i'm sure they aren't roo's. I was told they r adjusting their crops when they do that??
I was just going to ask about something that may be what you are talking about. Sometimes I notice one of my girls just opening her beak-it almost looks like a person would do when trying to relieve pressure in the ears-like when landing after a flight. I was wondering if I should be worried?
They often stretch like that if they've eaten too much food or it's dry — they're trying to get it down the gullet.

Sometimes I suppose it could be another issue like gapeworm or a respiratory condition, as affected birds may stretch and gape to take a breath. But I would think those would be rare conclusions to draw...

All my birds do this when they've just gorged, it's usually nothing.
Thanks Erica! I was hoping that's all it was! Since u said that I do normally notice mine doing in the evening after they have eaten!
Silly chickens...if they could talk it would just make things soooooo muh easier!!

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